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Founded in 2003 because Heather couldn't knit & needed a creative outlet, Rinse is a natural & handmade bath & body company in Monroe, GA. We make our 93-100% natural products using the finest & most ethically sourced ingredients. Our products were created to be cute enough to gift - but not so cute that you wouldn't open it to use, so good & effective that you would want to use them every day, & priced right, so you wouldn't feel guilty doing so.

We have two retail stores of our own, so that means we know what you're going through. It also means that we field test all of our products before we roll them out to our retailers to make sure they really are the next hot thing... not just that we think they should be. Curious where our stores are? Our flagship store is in Monroe, GA (this is also where we make the product).

Our team is our most important asset to us. We create & maintain a drama-free, gossip-free, uplifting & supportive culture using what some may call an alternative workforce but what we like to call former stay-at-home moms. Our goal is to make sure our team's friends & family are jealous that they work with us.

Natural products that you & your skin will love.

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