Flower shop takes to online workshops during coronavirus scare

Flower shop takes to online workshops during coronavirus scare

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There’s a tiny flower shop in Boerne, called Blume Haus. And like so many others, struggling to survive in the days of the coronavirus.

“We’re primarily a wedding and event florist. And all of our events have effectively canceled or rescheduled," said owner Mandy Blissit.

But Mandy said they’re actually doing pretty good.

“We haven’t had to layoff anyone yet," she said.

Partly because of support from the community.

And part, Mandy's new creative venture.

A virtual flower workshop.

She created a pre-made flower kit that you can order online, and it comes with just about everything you need. Including the flowers.

“The only thing you have to provide are scissors or shears," said Mandy.

You can catch her live step-by-step flower-arraigning workshop online, or watch the recorded version later.

“It’s been a huge hit. People have loved it from all ages. From six year olds all the way up to 65 year olds," said Mandy.

It’s not only a benefit to the flower shop, but to the people stuck at home.

Kids can learn with their parents.

And friends and family separated by location can video chat while they’re doing the workshop together.

“So they have that going on the side while they’re watching the workshop on their computer," said Mandy. "So they’re able to feel together, but not actually be together.”

Bringing us all a little comfort in this uncertain time.

Read more and watch video at foxsanantonio.com

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