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Bouquet Preservation

Fully preserved and sealed flowers displayed in a beautiful shadow box. 

For Local pick up only. This item is not available to ship.


Notes about preserving your bouquet.

  • Please bring it to our shop within 2 days of your event.

  • Trim the bottom of the stems and put in water ASAP after the event. 


  • The flowers need to be in good condition. They will not improve in appearance by drying them. If there is already decay (browning) there is nothing we can do but replace the flowers with new ones (additional cost).

  • The flowers will change in color when they’re dried and preserved. Red and dark purples will become very dark in color and can almost look black. Whites will yellow.

  • Bouquet Preservations take about 1 month for the entire process.

By placing your order, acknowledge that you understand and agree to the above statements.