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Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

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We hand pick and use the finest succulent plants in all of our gift items. Our succulent plant arrangements include different echeveria and crassula succulents in varying colors and shapes to make an easy to care for gift. 

* not all color vessels are available for each size garden

Mirco - a single succulent in the cutest little vessel. The perfect little accent.

Petite - typically 3-4 succulents in about a 3-4.5" vessel. 

Deluxe - 5-7 succulents in about a 5"-6" vessel. 

Luxe - 6-10 succulents in about a 6" - 8" vessel

Grande - 9-15 succulents, usually grander in size, in a 10" - 14" vessel 

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