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May Day Virtual Flower Workshop

May Day Virtual Flower Workshop

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May Day

Virtual Flower Workshop

*Please allow 2 days for assembly before workshop kit is ready for shipping.
*Shipping is via FedEx overnight air by 12noon (ish) the next day.
*If you don't receive it by noon please call us! 


How does it work?

1. Purchase your Blume Haus Workshop Kit. Pick it up in store, have it delivered or shipped to you.  

2. The instructions included inside your Blume Haus Workshop kit will have a private web link you can type in, featuring our live or recorded workshop video link. 

3. Follow the instructions included with your Blume Haus Workshop kit on how to care for your flowers once they arrive and how prepare before the workshop gets started. Please start your prep about 10 minutes before the workshop begins.

4. If you're not able to participate in the class live with us, you'll be able to view the recorded workshop and participate at your own time/pace. 


What's included in your Blume Haus Floral Workshop Bundle?

1. All of the flowers you need. They'll be straight from the farm so they won't look fantastic! But that's part of the magic we'll teach. 

2. The vessel that we'll be arranging in. 

3. Instructions on how to prepare your space and flowers before and after the workshop. 

4. Water conditioner packet to help "feed" your flowers so they stay beautiful as long as possible. 


What do you need to supply? 

1. Floral sheers or sharp scissors and a kitchen knife. 

(You can purchase your very own Blume Haus Sheers here) 

2. Water for your vessel. 

3. A smartphone, Ipad or computer to watch the video. 

4. Be ready for a fun time!! 

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